Seven Deadly Sins

When combing through the many resources found in our NMDL Resource Guide, I knew that I was going to be most interested in learning how to blog effectively. Obviously I think I am very interesting, but how do I market myself (or even a client) to the masses in an exciting way?

Sonia Simone’s list of “The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging” (pg.70) was a great way to begin my journey as a blogger. Including things such as Selfishness and Lameness are things that I not only want to avoid, but I wish that others would avoid as well.

I do not think that I have quite found my place online as far as blogging goes, but Simone encourages being inspired by others and creating your own place, which is what I plan to work on in the next few weeks. Because let’s face it- no one wants to read a blog that includes me rambling about what I had for breakfast this morning. (A spinach and pastrami omelette: it was ridiculously delicious)

So, where do I take this blog train of mine? As a student/barista, I feel that I do not come off as a completely unique individual. I can easily name twenty other people that have a very similar weekly agenda. Yet, maybe that is what will make me relatable. I will cross my fingers and work for the best rather than hoping for it. Stay tuned for what I have eaten for breakfast next time- but let us hope that I have some better material coming our way.

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