OMG TXT Me!- Advertising to Mobile Consumers

With the industry of Advertising (as well as almost everything else except maybe ketchup) changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know where the future of marketing lies. Well I’ve heard it a thousand times before, and I’m here to repeat that mobile advertising is the next thing that we need to get involved in.

With everyone from 12-year-olds to nursing home patients carrying around smartphones, it is no wonder that mobile ads are where it’s at- but who will benefit from them the most? An interesting blog and infographic presented by Greg Voakes suggests that local businesses can benefit greatly from the heavy use of mobile devices. When thinking of how you use them yourself, this becomes quite obviously true. “Hey I feel like pizza” is now a quick search away on any device. Or maybe a quick ad can turn in to a quick stop by your business.

So who else is using mobile ads for their brands? Well, one interesting campaign which Laura Stampler mentioned in her list of The 11 Best Mobile Ads In The World is for Coke which was the winner of Mobile Lions Grand Prix at the Cannes ad festival . It included a feature that let consumers send sodas to other consumers around the world along with a personalized message.

These innovative new ideas are only the beginning of what we will be seeing when we look at our phones.

In It to Pin It- Pinterest as an Advertising Trend

Pinterest Logo

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It’s no secret that everywhere you go these days, people are using social media to express their interests. is a network that plays on that use in a visually pleasing and easy-to-use manner. Ever since it’s creation in 2009, Pinterest has been on the rise. Now, every wedding you attend has homemade center pieces, and every barbeque has a delicious appetizer- all from the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Within a whole mess of simple visuals depicting adorable puppies and interesting nail polish techniques, how can businesses use Pinterest to promote their brand? In an article by Mike Lewis, he explains how to successfully use the website as a tool to engage with consumers. Some interesting ideas of his included identifying and engaging with influencers as well as having a healthy mix of lifestyle and product pins.

There are surely many other techniques that can add to the success of your boards, but first you must create them. In order to get in the game these days, you are going to have to start pinning.

I have a coupon for that!- Online Coupons and Your Brand

Crazy Coupon Lady

Image courtesy of This lady obviously loves a deal.

It’s interesting to note how the world of couponing has grown lately. There are entire shows dedictaed to the idea of “extreme couponing” what does that even mean? When did coupon become a verb? Online coupons are no exception. Websites such as Groupon and Deal Chicken are ones that are capitalizing on this trend.

So, why is couponing such a huge phenomenon? In John Arnold’s article “10 Trends for Online Marketers in 2012″ one of the major trends he is noticing is that of what he calls “Deals and Rewards” are a quickjly growing trend for 2012. The answer is in the economy. People are becoming skilled hunters for the next good deal, and why not help them in the process?

So get online and put on your generous hat, business and brand owners– because you may have to give out some deals to get some business.

Memes: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em- Using Humor in Online Advertising

Ermahgerdd Merms

This is an example of a currently popular meme. It is also an example of a somewhat meta meme.

It seems that the most popular way to express opinions these days is through humor. Think about it- a large majority of young people get their news from comedic outlets such at The Daily Show, rather than CNN or the Huffington Post. The natural progression was for the online community to begin to express their own opinions through humorous imagery and catchy taglines. Although not all memes are as funny as Jon Stewart, they are definitely beginning to take over every social media site imaginable.

The question is- can advertisers use this trend to spread brand awareness?

The answer is: yes.

While it may seem silly and unprofessional, memes can be an excellent way to spread brand awareness quickly and effectively. If you are looking to start a trend among a younger demographic, a clever and well-placed meme can be exactly what you need to get the campaign off the ground.

Some brands have already began to use this method. Not always on purpose. The alcoholic beverage brand, Dos Equis, started a campaign featuring “the most interesting man in the world” which eventually became it’s own trending meme in itself. Two years ago, most people would not be able to identify Dos Equis or their product, but the image of their commercial is now extremely recognizable.


Seven Deadly Sins

When combing through the many resources found in our NMDL Resource Guide, I knew that I was going to be most interested in learning how to blog effectively. Obviously I think I am very interesting, but how do I market myself (or even a client) to the masses in an exciting way?

Sonia Simone’s list of “The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging” (pg.70) was a great way to begin my journey as a blogger. Including things such as Selfishness and Lameness are things that I not only want to avoid, but I wish that others would avoid as well.

I do not think that I have quite found my place online as far as blogging goes, but Simone encourages being inspired by others and creating your own place, which is what I plan to work on in the next few weeks. Because let’s face it- no one wants to read a blog that includes me rambling about what I had for breakfast this morning. (A spinach and pastrami omelette: it was ridiculously delicious)

So, where do I take this blog train of mine? As a student/barista, I feel that I do not come off as a completely unique individual. I can easily name twenty other people that have a very similar weekly agenda. Yet, maybe that is what will make me relatable. I will cross my fingers and work for the best rather than hoping for it. Stay tuned for what I have eaten for breakfast next time- but let us hope that I have some better material coming our way.

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